The world ocean circulation is the engine allowing energy, heat, momentum, chemicals and floating materials ranging from living resources to marine pollution to be transported over large distance around the Earth. It lies at the crossroad of a wide range of disciplines including mesoscale to sub-mesoscale dynamics, air-sea interaction studies, climate variability, hydrological and biogeochemical cycles, ecosystem monitoring... The accurate knowledge of the ocean circulation at all time and space scales is therefore of growing importance to many scientific, operational and commercial applications.

A large variety of active and passive remote-sensing instruments are today into orbit whose measurements both provide indirect knowledge about ocean surface currents at various spatial and temporal scales, and represent also a surface signature of the ocean interior dynamics. All these data, used in synergy, constitute a wealth of information to advance our understanding and estimation of the upper layer of the World Ocean Circulation.

A user consultation meeting is planned from 21-22 February 2019 in ESA -ESRIN Frascati, Italy to prepare a roadmap for new initiatives on ocean circulation research and applications to be implemented in the ESA EO Science for society programme element.


The user consultation meeting is organised around:

Participation to the event is free, however any potential participant should clear their visa request themselves (eg no invitation letter will be issued by the Agency).



07-03-2019: The final agenda with the presentations in pdf are now available HERE

04-02-2019: The registration is now open. Please register HERE

04-02-2019: The Author Instructions for oral and poster presentations are available HERE

03-12-2018: The Abstract submission deadline has been extended until 10 December 2018. Submit your abstracts HERE